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What Is Integrated Pest Management to Sherwood Park?

Park Pest Control uses the most current method of eliminating and controlling infestations by many kinds of unwanted animal invaders. Integrated pest management (IPM) is a systematic, safe, and humane approach to pest control within your individual environment.


You work with us on three basic approaches to solving your pest problems:

  • Inspection

  • Identification

  • Treatment

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What We Do

  • Park Pest Control will inspect your property to assess your particular problem and environment

  • We will make an exact identification of the pest and where it is coming from. You can help by saving any dead insects and noting their locations

  • For treatment, we may use chemicals or traps, but we will also work with you to customize your prevention and cure

What You Do

Some techniques you can do yourself could include:

  • Stacking firewood away from your house

  • Removing nearby branches and shrubbery from your house

  • Sealing or caulking gaps and cracks

  • Using screens on windows and doors

  • Storing food in sealed containers

  • Emptying trash containers often

  • Tightly securing trash containers

  • Washing dishes right after they’re used

  • Running water in spare bathrooms frequently

If you want to know more about our use of IPM techniques, contact us.

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